Ambitions is the second to come out and it is about career and the new thing ◾New town: Twinbrook ◾New creature: SimBot A SimBot is created by Sims with a high Inventing skill As well as Inventing SimBots, players can purchase them with 40,000 Lifetime Happiness points butit not that cool. ◾Tattooing: You can tattoo your sim here is a video with some of the tattoos

◾ Careers & professions ◾5 new professions: Architectural Designer, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Investigator, and Stylist. ◾ New career track, education (teacher) and new features added to the existing medicine career track ◾ Sims can become self-employed by going to the city hall after gaining one skill point in a skill career.

◾On-the-job choices now change the town and affect other Sims as well. The new professions help people alot like Architectural Designer you designer people home to bigger and better living place, and Ghost Hunters your sim help get ghost and make their home them. ◾ New lifetime wishes: ◾Home Design Hotshot (Earn 100 top scores for jobs in the Architectural Design profession) ◾Descendant of da Vinci (master painting, sculpting and inventing) ◾Fashion Phenomenon (Reach level 10 in the Stylist profession) ◾ Firefighter Super Hero (Save 30 lives on the job) ◾ Paranormal Profiteer (Reach level 10 in the Ghost Hunter profession) ◾ Pervasive Private Eye (Solve 35 cases on the job) ◾ Monster Maker (Create 3 Monsters) ◾ New Lifetime rewards: ◾Fireproof your home, ◾Career cash booster[12], ◾Artisan crafter (boosts value of invented/sculpted items) [11] ◾Professional Simolean Booster ◾ Efficient Inventor ◾Entrepreneurial Mindset, Suave Seller ◾Fireproof Homestead ◾My Best Friend

◾Earthquakes have been added to the game and Freighter fighter ◾Child sims can run bake sales to make money.[13] ◾New objects: fire engine vehicle, personal fire extinguisher detonation packs, tattoo chair lockpicking kit, trampoline and Gnubb set. Collect scrap from the junkyard, and broken objects for inventing ◾New upgrades ◾Six new traits: Savvy Sculptor, Eccentric, Dramatic, Eco-Friendly,[15] Perceptive,[12] and Born Salesman/Saleswoman. ◾Addition of the consignment shop as a place for Sims to sell their own items (collectibles, sculptures, etc.)[16] ◾Ability to register at City Hall to be self employed in a "Skill Career" for the following skills: writing, painting, sculpting, inventing, photography, nectar making, gardening and fishing. ◾ Overhauled real-estate system that lets the player purchase and upgrade any community lot building◾ New laundry system. It gives Sims a good moodlet. There are washers and dryers available including one dryer that has a special "surprise."[6] ◾ New Death: death by meteor ◾ New vehicle type: Motorcycle ◾ Messages that appear on the right side of the screen are more organized. ◾ New lots including the consignment store, junkyard, bar, laundromat, and fire station ◾ New songs

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